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Yoga Path

Goals of Yoga

  • Yoga of the mind, thoughts-emotions-actions.

  • The lifestyle of a Yogi, how do they think, act, and approach issues and difficult situations.

  • Understand what it means to "quiet the mind."

  • Basic yoga asanas and Pranayama (breathing) for a healthy mind and body.

  • Benefits and practice of Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation).

  • Gain inner clarity and self-awareness.

  • Personal plan to measure progress.

The term Yoga has connotations of physical exercises and body postures that aim at achieving physical and mental health, a healthy lifestyle, and even beauty. Certainly, these understandings are an integral part of the vast and complex wisdom the ancient teachers of India had known and imparted. 


The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga or Yog is union — union with our inner being. It implies our union with the Universe/Creator/God seated deep within us. It's our union with the Divine portion that is hidden deep inside us and which forms the basis of Existence.


This Divine aspect inhabits every living being on this earth, and is also present in inanimate objects in a state of sleep. This union with our inner being is a long and rewarding journey, requiring a conscious effort to bring about harmony between mind (subtle body), body (gross or physical body), and spirit (causal body) as well as the different aspects of our personalities which are often in contradiction.


What are the effects of this contradiction? It is from this contradiction that we think, feel, and behave in our everyday lives, a behavior we are so ignorant about that most societies across the globe live unconsciously in this contradiction.

The solution? To integrate mind, body, and spirit. To bring into constant progressive harmony all parts of our existence. It is in this light that the human body is regarded as a vital instrument by the traditional Indian schools of spiritual thought and practice. Our Soul (Jivatman) or Spirit is connected to a vast Consciousness which is the Universe/Creator/God. The Soul uses the mind-body matter as instruments or vehicles of experience and expression, but our imperfect mind clouds our knowledge of this connection with Consciousness.


The goal of the Yoga sciences is to create this progressive harmony and integration, if it's practiced sincerely,

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I'm Claudia Carballal.

My goal is to help you understand your mind so you can set yourself free of social conditioning and live a full life without fears and limitations.

I've dedicated more than two decades helping people work through their problems, first as an international attorney, later on as a counselor and life coach with a yogic background. I've learned that what we see as "our life problems" are no more than lessons in this school of life for our growth and continuous evolution.  

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