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Goals of Couple Counseling

  • Learn how unresolved childhood wounding shows up in adult relationships.

  • Understand your inner child and bringing it into your awareness.

  • Understand your partner’s inner child.

  • Reach past familiar patterns and go deeper into compassion and respect for one another.

  • Go deeper and help cut through all the noise for people.

  • Understand why you act the way you do.

  • Understand your partner’s behavior.

  • Identify and understand interactional or relational patterns and disruptive patterns.

  • Unpack retriggered wounds.

  • Create hope and spark healthy dialogue.

  • Develop a deep, vulnerable, and empathic communication style.

  • Tap into the childlike reservoir of connectivity with your partner.

  • Understand the genesis of relational patterns and conflicts.

Couples want their relationship to work, they want to have their needs met and resolve conflict, but they often don't know themselves deeply. Without engaging in deep discussions, no relationship can grow. It is important to talk about the role that childhood wounds and attachment have in their relationship.


Premarital counseling can be a positive preventive tool before the couple develops rigidity and problematic habits. During premarital counseling, a couple can talk about important areas, such as work, finances, children, and extended family, before they become a larger issue. Couples counseling is often focused on repairing and undoing unhealthy habits.

For more information email me or call me at (214) 663-1591 for a free 15-minutes consultation. For information about the counseling process visit our "Getting Started" page. 

You can find articles and resources on our "Articles" page or by scrolling down to the blog and articles section below.

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