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Goals of Individual Counseling

  • Learn how unresolved issues affect your life and relationships.

  • Understand why you act the way you do.

  • Identify and understand interactional patterns and disruptive patterns.

  • Tap into the inner reservoir of wisdom and connectivity you have with higher levels of awareness.

  • Know yourself and improve your relationships.

  • Understand your inner child and bring it into your awareness.

  • Become aware of social conditioning and culture and cut through all the noise for your growth and well-being.

  • Unpack triggers and past conditioning, with focus in the immediate moment. 

  • Develop deep, vulnerable, and empathic communication.

Counseling creates a safe space to explore unresolved issues, expand our understanding of ourselves, and go deeper into a state of compassion and healing.

For more information email me or call me at (214) 663-1591 for a free 15-minutes consultation. For information about the counseling process visit our "Getting Started" page. 

You can find articles and resources on our "Articles" page or by scrolling down to the blog and articles section below.

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