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  • Discuss relevant and common issues.

  • Interpersonal learning.

  • Develop active listening.

  • Understand nonverbal communication.

  • Develop self-awareness and patience.

  • Learn how to de-escalate conflict.

  • Become more comfortable with conflict and ambiguity.

  • Gain inner clarity and self-awareness.

Goals of Group

A lot of people come to therapy with one question: How Did I Get Stuck and How Do I Get Over It?

Some people feel stuck in their personal relationships, living in an endless cycle of negative patterns, unmet needs, and unfulfilled desires. Others feel stuck in their career, conflicted, or lost on how to find their life purpose. Most people are not sure what to do.

A processing group can help you deal with feelings of unfulfillment, emptiness, lack of growth or recognition, fear of rejection, and doubt.

For more information email me or call me at (214) 663-1591 for a free 15-minutes consultation. For information about the counseling process visit our "Getting Started" page. 

You can find articles and resources on our "Articles" page or by scrolling down to the blog and articles section below.


I'm Claudia Carballal.

My goal is to help you understand your mind so you can set yourself free of social conditioning and live a full life without fears and limitations.

I've dedicated more than two decades helping people work through their problems, first as an international attorney, later on as a counselor and life coach with a yogic background. I've learned that what we see as "our life problems" are no more than lessons in this school of life for our growth and continuous evolution. This processing group is appropriate for people who want to explore their true Self within and how to access the seed of wisdom that is dormant within you. 

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